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A key role of an estate plan is ensuring the smooth transfer of property across generations. While wills are a common tool for this purpose, trusts offer a more versatile solution for those aiming to bypass probate, maintain privacy, and preserve assets during their lifetime. Skilled legal guidance is essential when establishing a trust to meet your specific objectives.

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Benefits of Establishing a Trust

A trust is a legal arrangement that allows a trustee to manage assets during your lifetime and beyond. The versatility of trusts means they can serve various purposes, depending on the type chosen.

Key advantages of forming a trust include:

  • Flexibility: Revocable living trusts offer adaptability, allowing you to modify terms, beneficiaries, and assets in the trust at any time.
  • Specificity and Control: Trusts provide granular control over asset management and distribution, both during your lifetime and after passing. Some trusts can continue beyond the life of the grantor, distributing assets over time to beneficiaries who might require assistance in managing large sums.
  • Protection in Incapacity: In cases of illness or injury where you're unable to manage your finances, a trustee can step in to handle distributions and pay bills.

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